What you can expect from conveyancers in Caversham

by | Jun 19, 2023 | Legal

When you buy a property you are often quite vulnerable as you need to rely on what the estate agent or the seller has told you about the property. Of course you will have visited the home or building, perhaps even several times, and would have asked as many questions as possible, but there are still problems that a conveyancing attorney would be able to assist you with. When a thorough search is conducted, you’ll be told if there are any issues that you should be aware of.

Buyers beware!

There are many by-laws in various parts of the country that might have an impact on the property you’re investing in. Having all the relevant details might well make a material difference in your decision to purchase. For example, is there a scheme to build a highway close to your home in the future, and is the boundary line exactly where the fence or wall is currently situated, or is your property actually smaller than it looks?

Finding good conveyancers in Caversham

Most solicitors are able to assist you with conveyancing, but it should be clear that it’s important to engage with professionals who have the expertise to do a thorough job. As a buyer, your attorney will assist you from the outset and will liaise with your sellers. Thus, if there is any information missing or any details that are required, your attorney will be able to follow up on your behalf. As a buyer, you would expect your attorney to find out any relevant information about the property and to bring this to your attention if necessary.

The sales contract will often be drawn up by an agent but, if it’s a private sale, it’s important to have an attorney compete this document on your behalf. The title deeds need to be transferred and registered, which will also be handled by your solicitor. If you are selling a property and have a mortgage over it, another valuable service that can be provided by your attorney is a negotiation with your financiers.

At Harrison’s Solicitors, our qualified conveyancer will handle your complete legal works like Property Settlement, real estate transactions in Caversham, UK.

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