What You Need to Know About Alarm Systems in Cardiff

by | Apr 5, 2017 | Security Systems and Services

Alarm systems come in many different types and there is so much that a business can gain from being protected by a quality alarm system. There are many different options to choose from when it comes to alarm systems in Cardiff and the surrounding area.

Types of Alarm Systems

Some of the most common alarm systems in Cardiff for business protection include:

* Fire alarm systems- monitors the premise for fire threats and detects warning sign such as smoke, temperature rises, and the presence of fire and then alerts emergency professionals to the scene quickly to minimize damage.

* Water damage alerts- monitors areas prone to flooding for evidence of standing water from pipes, plumbing systems, or from local flooding in flood prone areas.

* Freeze warning systems- used widely for food and plant industries in winter these monitor systems alert owners of freeze risks so they can protect their produce more accurately.

* Burglar alarms- these monitoring systems detect unauthorized entries and break ins through windows, doors and other entry points and when a breach is detected the authorities are notified so the damage and loss of property can be minimized.

* Storm damage monitoring- allows for remote monitoring of the property during storms such as hurricanes, blizzards, tornados, and other vents that make the premise unsafe for on-site monitoring to occur.

* Employee monitoring- provides employers an easy way to monitor employees while they are on the premise and to watch for job performance issues and theft among other worker-related concerns business owners may have.

Alarm Systems in Cardiff

It is important to get a monitoring or alarm system that uses the latest technology and that everything is done by trained and experienced professionals. after all, it is your business you are trying to protect and you need to be able to trust the company to uphold their end of the agreement.

Many business owners are looking for alarm systems in Cardiff and the surrounding areas and to get the best service possible contact Dragon Fire & Security Systems Ltd today to set up your consultation.

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