Why Is Stainless Steel So Popular In Machining?

Posted By admin on Oct 31, 2017 |

Why Is Stainless Steel So Popular In Machining?

If you’re like most people, you prefer stainless steel to almost any other metal, especially if you need something resistant to corrosion and easy to fabricate. However, most people don’t realise why stainless steel is so popular or its many advantages over other metals.

Resistance To Corrosion

All stainless steel metals have a resistance to corrosion, though low-alloyed grades will only resist corrosion in traditional atmospheric conditions while highly alloyed grades can be resistant to alkaline solutions, acids, and chloride environments, even at high pressure and temperature.

Resistance To Temperatures

Some grades can resist scaling and remain incredibly strong at higher temperatures while others are exceptionally tough at cryogenic-level temperatures.

Easy To Fabricate

Almost all stainless steel options can be manufactured quickly and efficiently, which can include machining fabrication, forming, welding and cutting. Therefore, it is an excellent choice if you want to cut or shape it to your particular needs.


Because it is strong and thin, it can be used in various designs that need something sturdy without added bulk or weight. Therefore, it can help reduce costs to manufacture the item and reduce its weight for shipping and daily use. Whether they use cold work hardening or heat-treatments to become stronger, stainless steel can be as strong as or stronger than many metals.


Because it can be cleaned easily and doesn’t stain, it is more sanitary than other materials. Many kitchens, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies and food industries use it for almost every surface imaginable to keep bacteria out of food and medication.


While most people wouldn’t associate it as being aesthetically-pleasing to the eye, it does come in various finishes. Therefore, it may not look like stainless steel and will still be of exceptionally high quality. Plus, it is easy to care for and looks great anywhere.