3 Important Roles of an Employment Solicitor

Posted By admin on Feb 21, 2018 |

3 Important Roles of an Employment Solicitor

Most employers are fond of taking advantage of the naivety of employers when shorting them on salary, refusing to offer benefits or even firing them. However, hiring an employment law solicitor in Portsmouth will help ensure that you are well protected from any form of legal shenanigans your employer might try to pull on you as well as educate you on rights you did not know you had.

Here are three important things an employment solicitor can do that an employee cannot.

1. Help you in Mediation, Arbitration and Court

There are times when your case can end up before a jury or might end up in mediation or arbitration. Although you can save money when you do not hire a lawyer, you will be losing an opportunity to make more money since you will be out of work every time, spend most of your time in court corridors and most importantly you might not have the skills, knowledge, and expertise in handling employment cases.

2. Evaluate Employment Contracts

Imagine being a new employer and very optimistic about your new employer or you are renegotiating your employment contract for the first time. Either way, it would be advisable if you can hire an employment law solicitor to help you look over your employers’ new proposed contract. The solicitor will be able to identify no complete clauses and agreements that you might want to be reconsidered.

3. Ensure Timely Filing of Your Discrimination Complaint

In case you have a discrimination claim against your employer, you will have to file a workplace discrimination complaint within the first days. Although it is possible to do it yourself, hiring a solicitor will help guide you on all the allegations and details you should include.

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