3 Matters You Need Employment Solicitors in Portsmouth to Manage

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3 Matters You Need Employment Solicitors in Portsmouth to Manage

There are 3 matters when it comes to employment that you want to be sure that you have employment solicitors in Portsmouth in your corner for. Most people will reach out to a solicitor for representation at employment tribunals or court matters regarding their employment but the time to reach out and hire solicitors in Portsmouth is before the case gets to court or to the tribunal. In many instances an employee and an employer wait far too long to get the valuable advice that they need to avoid the problems in the first place.

3 Times You Should Consult with an Employment Solicitor

Both employers and employees need to be able to recognize when they should get the advice they need from a specialist in the field of employment law. For the employee:

* Discrimination-discrimination is a serious situation, if you feel as an employee you have been discriminated against by your employer, you need to contact a trusted solicitor who can shed some light on the laws for you and can evaluate your case and provide you with advice

* Unfair dismissal-if you have been dismissed under conditions you believer are in violation of the laws, contact a solicitor who can tell you if you have a case of unfair dismissal or not

* Employment contracts-before you sign that contract is the time you should have a solicitor review the terms. If your contract is not being upheld as promised, you will also want to make contact

For Employers

* HR Advice-get help managing HR questions and concerns from an experienced solicitor

* Employment tribunals-call when you need help managing employment tribunals

* Overall advice -keeping a solicitor on retainer is a good way to protect your business now and in the future

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