All homeowners dread the possibility of a blocked toilet

by | May 30, 2016 | Plumbing

Can there be anything that you dread in your home more than a blocked toilet? Unfortunately, the system of pipes that carries away sewage from homes is often fairly sensitive, and people tend to put things down toilets that the system simply isn’t designed to cope with. A general rule is that only materials that break down naturally should be put into a toilet system, otherwise problems occur.

Ask any sewage treatment works and they will tell you that they deal with unsuitable waste on a daily basis that has been disposed of down toilets and drains. Even smaller treatment works complain that they have to remove many tonnes of debris from the sewage system on an annual basis. It doesn’t have to be a large item that causes a problem either. One common problem that can cause an issue is putting cotton buds or disposable nappies into the system. When this happens often in your home, you are ultimately bound to experience a problem. You can click here to get more information.

Dealing with a blocked toilet in your Bournemouth home

It’s extremely unlikely that you would want to fix this problem yourself, and it probably isn’t advisable even if you have some plumbing knowledge, as the situation can be unsanitary unless you have the correct equipment. If the water in the toilet takes a while to disappear, you’ll be warned that a problem is starting. However, if there is an overflow, you have a serious problem.

Sometimes the problem is caused simply by a build-up of toilet paper, but it can also be something unexpected. Children seem to have a fascination with flushing things down toilets, and this is often the cause of the problem. You may think that flushing a cotton ball couldn’t cause any difficulty, but it can. Cotton is an absorbent material, and it can easily cause a build-up and clogging. Ultimately, a professional company will be able to discover the problem and resolve the blockage, and everyone in your home will probably be far more vigilant to prevent the problem from occurring again. Visit us for more information.

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