Be careful what you flush down your toilet

by | May 30, 2016 | Plumbing

Many, many thousands of toilets are blocked on an annual basis in the UK, and it’s something that few homeowners will forget. It’s a truly awful experience to have a blockage, particularly when there is a backflow that spills over into your bathroom. For most people, this is an immediate call to action to summons professionals. Few people have the ability or the desire to fix a blocked toilet problem, and it’s not something that they can leave for even a few hours. It’s a good idea to have a relationship with a plumber or a company that has expertise in this area, so that you’ll know who to call. If your blocked toilet in Poole, find a local company so that they’ll be able to reach your home or business as quickly as possible.

The causes of toilet blockage

In the majority of cases, it’s what has been put down the toilet that causes the blockage. Many households are unaware of what causes a blockage and so will flush away things like wet wipes or baby’s nappies. Wet wipes are actually made of plastic so don’t break down effectively the way toilet paper does. Anything that doesn’t break down rapidly starts to cling onto the fat that often exists in the system. Many people pour hot, liquid fat down their drains, unaware that once the fat congeals it will clog up the system. Once foreign objects are present, these combine with the fat, and this is when the problems start to exacerbate. Over time, the build-up simply worsens, until a full-scale blockage occurs.

Preventing toilet blockages

Obviously the more you’re informed as to what should be flushed down a toilet, the less chance of a blockage. Some products are labelled accordingly and you’ll be able to see from the packaging whether they are safe to be disposed of down the toilet. Anything that isn’t biodegradable could take many years to break down, and this is exactly where your problems will start.

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