Basic Overview of Floor Screeding

by | Mar 4, 2016 | Construction and Maintenance

Screeding floors is basically the process of using a well-blended mixture of cement with water and graded aggregates to apply on floor bases, so that a strong sub-floor can bring about a final wearing surface. Regardless, as simple as the process may seem, there are a lot more details when it comes to screeding than simply troweling in the cement and sand mixture. It is a very important step when it comes to the quality, durability, and finish of your entire flooring.

Making Sure Your Screeding is Right

A well-laid screen can add years to the life of your floor and also improve its quality, but a poor quality screed can impact the overall quality of the floor and could be a very pricey issue to have to fix so your floor gets back into acceptable condition. Here are five important steps that will ensure that your floor screeding is done properly.

* Hiring the right screeding contractor

* Using the right floor screed

* Preparing the right screed mix

* The installation of the screed

* Screed protection measures

The right floor screeding contractor should have years of experience in a skilled work force using modern equipment to handle the job. The more experience that they have the more aware they will be of the latest technology, and the more prepared they will be deal with the nuances that come with floor screeding. Visit here for more information.

Types of Floor Screed

There are several different types, constructions, and brands of screed available. It would be an extremely laborious task to choose too quickly and pick the wrong kind of screed for the task. It is important to know what each of these types has to offer so you make the right decision for your flooring screed.

* Traditional screed: This is the most standard type of cement and sand mix that creates a defined layer for the professional to install floor types such as linoleum, vinyl, tiles, and woods. These flooring screeds are typically used in schools, hospitals, retail facilities, and homes.

* Free flowing screeds: This is a self-compacting screed that has some major advantages, and provides you with the most reliable of results.

If you are looking for individuals who specialize in floor screed in Bradford, make sure you are informed of the different types that are available for you to choose from. To learn more, contact a professional in floor screed in your area.

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