Identifying Signs of Woodworm

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You may not be aware of it, but you could have a woodworm problem in your home. If you do not discover the signs as soon as possible, then chances are you could be causing more damages to your home than you can afford. Early identification can make a big difference in how easily woodworm can be treated.

You will be able to tell which type of woodworm is causing you problems by identifying the type of wood that you have. This is because specific wood boring insects are attracted to different types of wood. While some of them like pine and spruce, others prefer much harder wood such as oak and ash. If you have an infestation of woodworm, it is first important the type of species. You can call a specialist in woodworm treatment in Edinburgh to get more information on different types of species. Click here to know more.

Signs of Woodworm

It is crucial that you look for the signs of woodworm before it gets out of control. The longer you wait to discover the problem, the worse the damage can get. Here are some common signs that you have a woodworm infestation in your wood:

* If you notice fresh exit holes in your wood, you could have woodworms. These are typically oval or round shaped and has edges that are fairly sharp. These holes will appear to be fresh or clean.

* You may also notice bore dust (Frass) that is caused by adult beetles that you will see below the area where the timber is infested.

* Damaged and weak floorboards are one of the most common signs of a woodworm infestation. In bad cases, a chair leg can fall through the floor which causes an even bigger problem.

* Crumbling wood is another big sign you have woodworms. You will want to check around the roof joists as well as your floorboards. You may also notice dead beetles around the timber that is currently infested around the windowsills.

* You may also notice adult beetles as well as beetle eggs around the infestation.


The best thing that you can do in order to prevent a woodworm infestation is to have a professional come and check out the damage. You will not know how serious it is until a professional gets up on your roof and other areas of your home to check out the overall extent of the damage of your home.

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