The Importance of Woodworm Prevention

by | Mar 4, 2016 | Damp Proofing

When homeowners first hear the word “woodworm” they become fearful and worry that there is going to be serious damage done to their home. It can cause major issues with structural elements of your home or property, which can make roof and floor joists unsafe. If you have a serious attack of woodworm, it can be very expensive to treat and many of the timbers will have to be replaced or removed entirely.

It is important to remember that you will not know how severe the damage is until you contact a professional in woodworm treatment in Glasgow. They will be able to determine how serious and how much it will cost you to repair. Visit here for additional information.

Woodworm Prevention

If you are worried you may have problems with woodworm, there are several ways they can be prevented and treated. Prevention is better than a cure, but either can be manageable and easy to do.

Woodworm takes place when water gets down into the wood and causes it to be severely damp. Properties that have dry timber rarely ever have any woodworm damage while damp timber can get worse and cost thousands of dollars to repair. In order to prevent woodworm from taking over your home it is important to make sure that you keep your roof and home as dry as possible. You can turn up the heat in your home to allow the moisture to escape from your home.

It is also very important to fix any leaks that you notice in your home as soon as you notice them. If airflow is increased, then an attack of woodworm can be slowed down and completely stopped all at once. If you notice that there are live woodworms, grubs or beetles then your timber already has too much moisture in it, so you need to keep your home as dry as humanly possible. If you open your windows this will help to improve the air flow in your home which will help any moisture to get out of the home and completely evaporate.


This may sound challenging to do on your own so it is important to call a professional to help you perform these tasks. Experts in this field know exactly what to look for and how to prevent and treat it properly. Keeping your home as dry as possible will make a big difference in how long it lasts and stays beautiful.

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