Benefits Of Using Air Conditioning Equipment In Devon, Especially ASHPs

by | Sep 22, 2015 | Refrigeration

Many people and companies are turning to air-source heat pumps (ASHPs) instead of traditional air conditioning equipment and furnaces in Devon. One of the many reasons is that it is more energy-efficient and can use one simple source to do both the cooling and heating of your business or home. It traditionally works best in moderate climates where gas isn’t used and use electricity to move energy between outdoor and indoor air, which offers many benefits.

Energy Efficiency

ASHPs deliver up to three times more energy than what they use through electricity, meaning they are much more efficient than traditional systems. While some people prefer to go without and be hot during the summer, it isn’t the same to go without and be cold in winter. Both options can cause severe problems, especially with the elderly and those with conditions. However, you have another alternative to air conditioning with the ASHP.


The A/C can only be used in the warm months. While it can be used to make it cooler or just to reduce the overall temperature in the home, it can’t be utilised in the winter. Therefore, you need two different systems for year-round use. However, with ASHPs, you’ll have the versatility of using one simple system for every season.


The equipment should be effective, not only for keeping the house warm and cool but at reducing your energy costs. Fuel bills can be outrageous, especially in the deep winter and late summer. Companies know you need it, so they may up the price during those peak times in the season. Even if they don’t, you could be wasting energy and money by using an out-of-date system.


Easy installation is another great benefit of the ASHPs. Even though they must be done by a professional, you will find that it takes less time than other options and therefore, may not cost as much for labour. They also require little maintenance work, meaning you won’t be paying high maintenance fees on top of everything else. Visit here to find out more.


Other benefits can include using one system for everything and possibly getting various rebates. Many countries are starting to push ASHPs for consumers and businesses, and are willing to give SEER ratings and other discounts when choosing them over other heating and cooling options available in the area.

Air conditioning equipment in Devon can be a necessity, especially during the summer months or if you have allergies or asthma. Visit  to learn more about their services.

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