Be Careful Of An Emergency Vet In Durham County

by | Sep 22, 2015 | Veterinarian

It can be a scary moment when you realise your pet is ill and could need surgery or other urgent medical care. Whether you are a new pet owner or have had your pet for years, when a vet in Durham County is required, you get upset and panicked immediately and nothing will help, other than seeing your beloved friend and family member fixed and well again. This can be a major problem for you because you are more prone to go along with the veterinarian instead of listening and asking questions.

Ask Questions

Don’t just take your vet’s word for things. Ask them what tests are necessary and why. If they can’t answer you or don’t want to answer, find a different hospital. You have the right to ask if blood tests are needed and why, and you also have the right to get an honest answer. It could be that the veterinarian doesn’t know what’s wrong and is trying to rule out different things in the safest and easiest manner possible. It’s not to say that they are going to try and overcharge, but you should have an idea.

Your Veterinarian

It is always best to visit your pet doctor when possible because your pet will feel more comfortable with them in their hour of stress. It will likely help you stay calmer, as well. However, in an emergency, you may find the vet’s office closed, especially during a holiday or weekend. Therefore, you should have a plan for emergencies. Most veterinarians offer services for emergencies or may refer you to another hospital or surgical centre when necessary. You can click here to get more information.

Learn When

As humans do with babies, pet owners do with their pets. Young or first-time parents will likely react to any sniffle or slight problems, such as fever, chills, coughs and more whether they are parents of human babies or pets. Try to figure out what is wrong with your pet and make sure it is a genuine problem that needs immediate medical help. Coughing could be a furball, lethargy or fatigue could be because they played hard and throwing up could be something simple. If you’re still unsure, seek help.


Most people don’t think about the bill and just pay it, especially when their pet is feeling better. However, it’s still a good idea to run an eye over the charges to make sure they did everything they claim.

An emergency vet in Durham County could save your pet’s life, but you should learn what real emergencies are and know where to go, so you trust them.

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