What are the Benefits of an Emergency Vet Clinic?

Posted By admin on Jun 13, 2017 |

What are the Benefits of an Emergency Vet Clinic?

Just like human beings, animals need emergency clinics because they also require emergency medical treatment. Pets visit emergency clinics when they suffer from life threatening conditions and illnesses that cause so much pain and discomfort during times when then normal pet clinic is not operating like at night.

As a pet owner, you should always have a contact for an emergency vet clinic close to where you live. On top of that, make sure you have visited the clinic to find out the services that they offer, payment options, the quality of services, and the procedure for treatment. This information prepares you just in case you need to visit the clinic at one time.

Advantages of an emergency pet clinic

1. Advanced equipment – The clinics are set up to treat animals in dire conditions so they are well stocked with the latest equipment and drugs. Emergency clinics operate throughout not just during the night hours and weekends. That means that if a normal clinic is unable to treat your vet, they can always refer you to an emergency vet in Durham. The advanced equipment can detect any condition and treat it because the vets in the clinic are always ready for any type of condition.

2. Nights and weekends – Normal vets operate during office hours from Monday to Friday. What happens if your pet feels ill on a weekend or at night? Emergency vets in Durham operate 24/7 so you can reach them at any time of day or night.

3. Trained vets – The vets at an emergency vet clinic are trained to handle all forms of emergency. Their training is a notch higher than vets operating in normal vet clinic.

We invest our time and resources to make your pet safe and comfortable at all times; do not hesitate to visit our clinic for emergency vet services. Your search for an emergency vet ends at Ashfield Veterinary Surgery. Reach out to us today.