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by | Jun 19, 2023 | Veterinarian

Talk to the vet about all your concerns about vaccinations in County Durham! Did you know that some canine illnesses can affect human beings and in some cases be transferred? It is a fact, so vaccinating your canine is also a safety precaution for you and your loved ones. Fortunately, vets have vaccines that can protect against common and uncommon diseases.

Recent research has also made it possible for vets to have individualized vaccinations for every canine; meaning you can inject your dog with the vaccine that rightfully fits it. Before vaccinating a dog, the vet looks at the risk factors involved. Some of the risk factors include age, breed, environment, health, travel habits, and lifestyle. This eliminates the need for frequent vaccinations.

Worried about the health risks of vaccines?

All medical procedures have some degree of risks but the risk to your pet’s health is greater if you DO NOT get the vaccinations. Reactions to vaccines range from serious to less serious but in all cases reactions are rare. Here are some more common reactions:

* Swelling at the injection site

* Soreness tenderness at the injection site

Some less common reactions:

* Allergic reaction to the injection- this can be very serious with laboured breathing, lethargy and other life threatening situations

* In very rare case there can be permanent damage to the bones, ligaments and even hearing but typically this is a very rare situation.

The reactions are rare but you should contact a vet when you notice it. Not all animals require all vaccines; carry out a titer test with a vet from Ashfield Veterinary Surgery in Durham. It is a test that determines if the animal requires the vaccine. The test measures the antibodies for a certain disease to determine if the animal is healthy.

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