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by | Oct 29, 2015 | Plumbing

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a plumber is that there’s been a disaster of sorts! Unless you are building a new home or doing renovations to an existing home in Fareham, a plumber is called in when something has gone wrong. When you consider that plumbers work with your water supply and with heat, the image is always one of arriving home to find a pool of water in the hallway, or discovering on a cold winter’s day that there’s no heat in the radiator or no hot water for a warm shower. It’s little wonder that so many householders have their plumber on speed-dial. When you have a problem like this you need a plumber – and fast.

Proximity is important

Given the fact that plumbers are often called out for an emergency, this is one profession where being close-by is essential. If you’re looking for a specialist cardiac surgeon with the best credentials, you may well travel across the country to meet with the most eminent in the field. When it comes to plumbers, the closer they are the better. Once you’ve established that you’re dealing with someone skilled and qualified in plumbing, if they’re round the corner in Fareham and can get to you in a short time, this is someone who you will want to build a relationship with and have as a trusted household partner.

How can a plumber assist you?

Firstly, a plumber is a trained professional, and is accustomed to dealing with most types of water in your home. If you think of a bath or a shower, there are pipes bringing in the water; pipes for cold water and different pipes that lead from a water heater to provide the hot water. The same applies in the kitchen. Your toilet flushes with water and keeping the entire sewerage system functional is the job of a plumber. If you have a leaking tap, it may just need a new washer that you can fix yourself, but anything more serious would be another item on a plumber’s list. You can visit here to get more details.

Just having running water is one thing – you then need to ensure that the water pressure is optimal; otherwise you might need to run around in the shower to get wet. Showers are also prone to leaking, as are water heaters, and sometimes you discover the problem when you are surrounded by gushing water. In this situation, it is possible that a pipe has burst, and there’s no-one to resolve this other than your plumber. The best you can and should do is to turn the water supply off at the mains. You will then get on the phone to your nearby plumber, who will arrive promptly to turn your chaos back into order.

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