Paying attention to potential plumbing problems

by | Oct 29, 2015 | Plumbing

Leaking water is the bane of any householder – as much in Winchester as in the rest of the world. When water starts to gush in the wrong place it can cause enormous damage very quickly. What we welcome when it’s coming in a controlled stream out of a tap or flushing our toilet is an absolute menace when it pours out uncontrolled in a basement, attic or elsewhere. This is when you need plumbing services in a hurry.

There are so many water outlets in your home that sometimes you don’t even think of them. For example, all waste water in your home moves to a municipal sewage treatment plant through a drain pipe. This runs smoothly, until it doesn’t, and there is a blockage. This is a nightmare for any household when the waste water starts to back up and spills back into your home through drains and toilets. For many homeowners, they are surprised when this happens, as they have been careful not to cause any obstruction. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have to come from within your home. For example, if the roots of a tree have broken through a pipe well away from your home, it is possible for debris to build up against these roots and a backup is caused.

Calling in plumbing services

When disaster strikes, you will want to contact a plumber immediately. Water flooding is not something that can be left, and a backup of waste water is extremely unpleasant. If you live in Winchester, you will need to look for a convenient, locally situated plumbing service so that no time is wasted during a call-out. It’s a good idea to conduct research and find a company that you trust and to have the number of the business on your emergency list. Click here to know more.

Advice a plumber will give you

There are ways to prevent the water back-up before it happens – this is by knowing that there is a problem and getting help before it becomes a crisis. The first clue will be a very bad smell from the drains; evidence that the waste water is pooling somewhere. Also, if you notice that a bath or basin is draining slowly, it’s another sign that the drains are clogged. Lastly, if you spot any sign of back-up in a toilet or shower, it’s advisable to call a plumber immediately. He can check the drainage lines and will be able to inform you where the problem is and what needs to be done. Fixing this problem timeously will prevent the unpleasantness of waste water spilling into your home and will also mean that you’ve been able to call the plumber during normal working hours so won’t be paying a call-out fee and after-hours rates. Many householders will tell you that plumbing disasters seem to schedule themselves late at night or over weekends, so being prepared is of great benefit.

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