Capital Gains Tax Accountant in Tadworth

by | Mar 24, 2022 | Accountant

Capital gains tax is a tax you pay on an asset you sell or dispose of and has increased value. What is taxed is the increased value of the asset and not the entire amount you receive. Some assets are tax-free, meaning you will not incur Capital Gains tax if your total gains in increased value do not meet the threshold of your tax-free allowance. Understanding the nitty-gritty of capital gains tax is therefore important. Outsourcing services from capital gains tax accountant in Tadworth will help you be in a position to know everything about this type of tax.

You pay tax on the gain of assets you sell like personal possessions worth £6000 in exception of your car, a property that’s not your main home, shares that are not in PEP or ISA, business assets together with your main house that you’ve let it out or using as a business. These assets are known as chargeable assets. You can claim relief depending on the assets you sell, which will reduce any tax you are to pay. If you sell a jointly owned asset, you will only be susceptible to capital gains tax on the amount of your share. The assets that are free of this tax include shares on ISA or PEP, UK government gilts, and premium bonds plus lottery pool winnings. A tax accountant in Tadworth can help you zero down what assets are susceptible to this tax and those free of it.

Other situations require expertise when it comes to capital gains tax. For instance, do you pay inheritance tax or capital gains tax if someone dies? Well, you pay up inheritance tax for the estate, but if you intend to sell the property later, then you will have to pay capital gains tax. Only the best tax accountant in Tadworth can help determine when to pay capital gains tax. It can get confusing during such times, to be on the safe side, hire chartered accountants at David Beckman &Co Ltd. They’ll ensure you file tax adequately. Contact them today at for more information.

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