Change Returns with an Accountant Tadworth

by | Mar 24, 2022 | Accountant

It’s human nature to make mistakes. However, if you find out that you’ve made a mistake in your tax return, don’t panic! You can make changes within three days of filing the return. But if you miss this deadline, what do you do then? With the help of a tax accountant in Tadworth, you can write to HMRC to make a change in your return. The tax bill they give you will depend on what you report. Therefore, it’s important to write down the correct return to avoid paying more taxes and claiming a refund.

The step to making these changes is simple. You’ll first log in to your tax account using the Government getaway. You then choose the self-assessment section on your tax account narrow it down to more details. Choose at the glance menu, click on tax return options, and go to the tax year you want to change. Go to the return, make changes and file again. If you wish to have it on paper, a tax accountant in Tadworth will download the tax document and send it to HMRC with the corrected pages. Each page should have amendments written on them. The documents must include your name and your UTR- Unique Taxpayer Reference.

If you used software to file your returns, you’d have to contact the software provider to make changes in your return. David Beckman &Co Ltd understands what you need to include in your letter. It’s therefore wise to work with them to make these changes. Whether you’re overtaxed, need to change your bill, or pay more taxes, outsourcing a tax accountant in Tadworth will go a long way in ensuring the process is smooth without hiccups. Contact if you want to write to HMRC to make changes to your tax return. They’re just a phone call away.

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