CCTV Cameras in Newport – Tips for Buying Night Vision Cameras

by | May 26, 2015 | Fire & Security

Are you currently operating a small business? Whether you consider yourself a business or homeowner, you are sure to have thought about the ways in which you can maximise safety on your premises. CCTV cameras in Newport have been a popular choice for years, because they provide clear video evidence, act as an aid for your alarm system and work a deterrent for suspicious activity. While they may not be a cure-all solution, night vision cameras offer a multitude of advantages when compared to other closed circuit systems. Spend wisely with the following tips.

Colour or Black and White?

Before you can choose between colour or black and white CCTV cameras in Newport you must first assess the environment. Is the light level low in the home or business environment? If so, opt for black and white, because this style is specifically made to provide clear night time footage in dark conditions. Light intensity is normally determined by a Lux rating and you will notice that colour cameras tend to have a higher rating. Colour is always best if your main focus is attaining high-quality images however, it might not function as well during night time. Think about your main reasons for having a camera installed before deciding between the two.

Choosing the Number of Cameras

If you don’t really have a budget then it is worth investing in as many CCTV cameras in Newport as possible because, after all, the larger the area of your property being monitored, the lower the chances of trespassing and other criminal activity occurring. Four to six is the recommended number for good exterior property coverage. This amount of surveillance will prevent you from missing activity in blind spots, but you can expect to spend more if you require a lot of surveillance.

System Connectivity Type

The environment will affect your decision when choosing a type of system connectivity. If you want something that works well for both indoor and outdoor use, buy CCTV cameras in Newport with integrated wiring. A budget-friendly alternative for someone who wants to monitor expansive areas that require lots of cameras is a wireless system. Other nearby devices won’t disturb the signal with wireless systems. Should you want to see imaging on the move, opt for Internet Protocol (IP) cameras.

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