Three Common Scenarios an Employment Law Solicitor in Bournemouth Can Deal With

by | May 29, 2015 | Lawyers

An employment law solicitor in Bournemouth doesn’t have the same duties as a typical legal professional, but the role is slightly similar. Legal professionals will gather facts, provide support and guidance to their client, and represent them in a courtroom. The only difference is that an employment solicitor will deal with particular problems at work. If you’re on the fence about gaining legal representation, take a look at the following specialty situations a professional can help you win compensation for.

Sex, Race and Age Discrimination

It doesn’t matter how serious the discrimination may be or how long it has been going on for, because as an employee or employer, you are entitled to advice and support from an employment law solicitor in Bournemouth. Ignoring sex, race and age discrimination could not only affect your mental well-being but also, it could affect productivity in the workplace, leading to unfair dismissal. Workplace discrimination law will usually be dealt with under the Equality Act, and it is best to discuss your options with lawyers ahead of hiring them. Click here to get more information.

Workplace Bullying

Bullying should not occur in the workplace, but the unfortunate fact is that it does. Harassment and bullying can distract a person’s attention, chip away at their self esteem and eventually, could result in them leaving work or slacking in attendance. Bullying is the term used when an individual feels offended or intimidated in any way. Should the mistreatment be persistent and overlooked by managers or supervisors, the victim would benefit from consulting an employment law solicitor in Bournemouth. Remember that no matter whether the bullying is happening by email, letter, phone or face-to-face, the employer is always responsible. In the event that they are not doing everything in their power to stop the bullying, legal assistance will be essential.

Unfair Dismissal

Another speciality area dealt with by an employment law solicitor in Bournemouth is unfair dismissal. When an employee is dismissed from the workplace for a reason that is unlawful or unfair in any way, the affected individual can seek compensation. The amount will vary depending on how soon the contract was terminated, what the reason was, etc. Instead of claiming for compensation, you might request reinstatement, which is when the employer invites you back to the workplace.

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