Working with a Building Contractor in Pinner for Landscape Gardening

by | Jun 2, 2015 | Construction & Maintenance

So, you have mastered the art of interior design and now want to focus on the exterior of your property – great! Don’t go it alone though, because by hiring a building contractor in Pinner you can get the hard work done on your behalf. A landscape gardener will be able to draw up plans, before professionally landscaping the outdoor space to meet your requirements. When you consider the fact that the exterior is the first thing people see when visiting your property, it’s well worth adding value to the home with a plant-filled oasis.

What is Landscape Gardening?

This type of gardening is just one service offered by a building contractor in Pinner. A lot of things can be done by a professional landscape gardener, such as fence installation, shrub planting, tree positioning, water feature installation, etc. Aside from making the space outside your property look pretty, landscape gardening could attract wildlife. A healthy lawn and floral-filled garden will provide numerous environmental resources. What’s more, the plants will absorb carbon dioxide, which will ultimately attract wildlife and birds. Children and family can frolic in a safe environment once the garden has been enhanced, meaning you can enjoy time spent outdoors once you’ve invested in these services.

How Much Can I Expect To Pay?

It’s difficult to put an exact price on landscape gardening, because every company’s quotes will vary. A number of variables will impact the cost, such as the size of your garden, the features you want to introduce, the number of shrubs being planted, etc. Ask a few building contractors to visit your property first, so that plans can be drawn up and prices estimated. Don’t always choose the cheapest option though, because you ought to pay thought to the company’s reviews at this stage, too.

Landscape Gardening Ideas

Everyone’s visions will be different, but if you’re struggling to find inspiration for landscape gardening, it’s worth checking out some popular ideas. Contemporary is very in right now, and this look can be achieved with modern design solutions like marble water features and small patio areas. Add French flair with shrubs like Iris, Lily or Rosemary Blush. Alternatively, give the garden a cottage-type style with hanging baskets, shingle and arches.

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