Characteristics of a Good Flat Roof

by | May 24, 2017 | Roofing

Would you like to differentiate a good roof from a bad one? Most flat roofs whether it is the entire roof or the garage, extension or another part of the building have problems if they are not installed correctly. The reason why most people like flat roofs is because of their extended life span, easy maintenance, cost effectiveness during construction, and resistance against tough weather conditions. The following outstanding characteristics determine whether the flat roofing in Weston Super Mare is good or just average.

 * Membrane – A flat roof has a slight inclination to allow water to drain to the gutter system. The membrane waterproofs the roof and allows the water to drain well. Since there are many types of membranes, you need to talk to your installer to help you choose the most suitable membrane for your project.

 * Suitable deck – The roof rests on the deck so the deck must be strong enough to handle the weight. The method used to attach the roof to the deck must also be chosen wisely. Remember the type of insulation system used in the premises determines whether the deck will be cold or warm.

 * U Value – It measures the effectiveness of a material as an insulator. To know if a material is suitable for your flat roof, it must have a low U value. The value is important for new and refurbished flat roofing in Weston Super Mare.

* End use of the roof – Do you plan to use the roof for any activity? If you install your flat roof using planters or asphalt, you need to choose the end use carefully for the roof can collapse leading to deflection.

* Installation – Look for a qualified contractor to install the roof for you. Do not use any short cuts even with the materials that you use to make sure the roof lasts for a long time.

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