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by | Aug 16, 2016 | Builders

If you have a home or office in Pinner and need builders, you will have a fairly wide range to choose from. However, if you listen to the stories that many people tell of the cost over-runs, the inconvenience, and all the things that went wrong, you’ll know how important it is to choose wisely and not to take the first person who gives you a quote. Actually, if you follow some simple steps, you should find that you’ll easily be able to tell the good and reliable builders from the fly-by-nights, so take time to discuss your project with a few building companies before making your all-important decision.

Understand the size of your project

Most building companies can handle a variety of projects, but some are better with smaller renovation work than with a large new-build. This is where you’d need to start with a clear idea of what you would like and as much detail as possible (which will also help with the quote). Once you have your project details, you can ask family and friends for recommendations as well as doing an Internet search to find the name of building companies. The most important thing is to ask for references from your friends, and to read what past clients have said on the Internet. These days, if people have been very disappointed, they’ll make certain to post their comments. If you see too many negative things about a building company, you should steer clear. It’s also important to check that the company has an experience in dealing with the type of project you want completed. Visit here for more information.

Interviewing builders

Even if it’s a small project you need done, be sure to meet the people who will be doing it. This means face-to-face meetings as you’ll need to show the builder your home and where the work will take place, as well as discussing plans if you have any. It’s important to feel comfortable with the company you choose, so if you feel that your opinions are not being heard or that you’re being cut-off while you’re trying to explain your needs, this is not the building company for you. Building renovations and a new-build can be extremely stressful, so having a good rapport with your builder is essential.

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