Choosing the Right Fire Alarms in Newport

Posted By admin on May 25, 2016 |

Choosing the Right Fire Alarms in Newport

Do you know which fire alarms in Newport meet the strict BAFE standards? If you do not you are not alone, most people cannot tell one alarm system from another. Do you know what your fire risk evaluation is? If you do not you are not alone in that either. Unless you have had a professional in depth evaluation and discussed alarm options with a committed professional you likely have only gotten part of the story about your fire risk and about which alarm is best.

Get the Information

You can get a free evaluation of your fire risk! What will this do for you? A free inspection by a certified technician can help to make you aware of:

* The potential risks

* Things you may want to change

* What type of alarm system would be best

* Monitoring options

You have to know what you are dealing with so you can take steps to ensure that you are doing all the you can to reduce risks. This is especially important for commercial properties that are dealing with or handling flammables. Of course if you are a household that can sleep 10 or more occupants you are already at a greater risk. Having a free no obligation inspection done can point out trouble areas so that you can make changes. You can also find out about which systems would work well for your property and the types of monitoring options there are. Knowledge is always empowering. Hundreds of lives are lost each year in fires and the sad part is in many of those cases of loss if a fire monitoring system was in place they may have survived.

Get Your Certificate for the Insurance Company

Choosing the right BAFE certified system is very important in the insurance company’s eyes. Having a professional installation and monitoring system means you can get your certification for the insurance company. The right company will take care of all the details for you. It is an easier way to protect your property. If you are not sure about which system you should have or even unsure what the fire risk is you should have a professional consultant that is experienced in the industry come out and provide you with a free inspection. Than you can sit and talk about your alarm options! It is the smarter way to do things and it is also less of a hassle.

Dragon Fire and Security Systems will provide you with a free inspection and help you to choose from the best fire alarms in Newport! Call today to set your appointment!