Vertical Blinds in Glasgow are an Ideal Option for Large Windows and Sliding Doors

by | May 24, 2016 | Blinds

Vertical blinds in Glasgow are an ideal option for many situations but they are especially great for large windows and sliding glass doors. It can be a challenge to dress large windows. It can also be a challenge to find something appropriate for sliding glass doors. Vertical blinds step up to the challenge nicely.

Combination Effect

These types of blinds combine the elegance of curtains and the function of blinds. The long vertical strips can be pulled back like curtains but can also be adjusted like blinds. They can provide complete privacy or they can be adjusted to filter in light. They are highly functional and versatile and they look great! They are the perfect solution for hard to dress windows and doors.

Privacy and Easy Use

Sliding glass doors are lovely but they do not provide a lot of privacy. Of course they are a challenge to dress because you want to still be able to use the door and come in and out easily without having to worry about dealing with curtains getting caught. Blinds work out very nicely in this situation because they can:

* Be pulled all the way to one side.

* They can be drawn when the day is over to cover up the doors.

* They are easy low maintenance options.

These type of blinds work really well on garden doors that are glass because you can easily slide all the panels to one side out of the way and then move them back to cover the door at nightfall or if you do not want to look out into the garden when you have guests. Curtains tend to get caught and torn in these type of doors, so you spend more time worrying about the curtains than you do using the door. They are also low maintenance options. If you choose the right material they can easily be wiped clean, households with small children really love this feature. Click here to know more.

Great for Business Settings

These types of blinds are an elegant no fuss option for businesses. They look sophisticated and their easy maintenance makes them very attractive for the office that has a lot of traffic in and out. They hold up well and are highly functional. They help to control the natural light in the office and can even work to keep energy costs down. Consider vertical blinds you will be glad you did.

Select Blinds offers a wide range of vertical blinds in Glasgow that can easily help you to dress the most challenging windows and doors. Call today to ask about your options and to get free measurements!

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