Common Garage Door Problems

by | Jan 27, 2017 | Garage Doors

It is so good to have an operational garage door; you can literally enter or leave the garage without any challenges. When your garage door gets old or when any part malfunctions, it becomes a headache to leave or enter the garage. There are some common garage door problems which you can easily diagnose and prevent more damages to the door;

* Frozen doors – Winter poses a challenge to your garage doors: the ice makes the door difficult to open. At times, your garage door may freeze to the garage floor and pressing the button may or may not work. What do you do if you press the button then the door refuses to open? You can shovel the ice from the door or melt the ice using a hand drier or water. You can also call a garage door expert to help you. If you continue pressing the button, you may end up with a broken hinge or burnt motor.

* Noisy doors – Garage door noise is annoying as you open and close the door. The garage door produces noise in some cases when the dust accumulates on the rollers and tracks. It can also produce noise if the screws and bolts attaching the tracks to the wall loosen up. Lubricate all moving parts and clean the rollers and tracks using a good brush. If you ignore the problem, the holes in the hinges may become big forming a funny shape which makes garage doors in Bridgend to malfunction. If the noise persists even after lubricating, contact a garage door technician.

* Non-responsive sensor – If you consider the number of times your garage door is opened and closed, then you will realise that it is possible for the sensor to be displaced rendering it non-responsive. Check the position of the sensor and adjust it accordingly.

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