Deep Discounts on Marlboro Cigarettes

by | Mar 15, 2016 | Business

Marlboro cigarettes are a premium brand of cigarettes and if you are a smoker you know what that means-you pay more.  You do not have to pay a king’s ransom for cigarettes although if you look at the cost at the corner store you may think otherwise. If you smoke Marlboros, you can be saving money by shopping online!  Most people consider the costs of tobacco products as something they just have to deal with if they want to smoke but after a little comparison of the costs of tobacco products at the local shops and online you can realize 70% savings.

What Are Premium Cigarettes and Why Do They Cost More?

You can buy the non-premium brands at the local shop at a discount but when you are talking about premium brands vs. non premium brands you have to wonder exactly what the difference is between the two.  Why are Marlboro cigarettes more expensive than other brands?

Understanding how premium brands are classified can help you to understand why you pay more for premium brands:

  • Premium cigarette brands use the best rated tobacco
  • Premium cigarette brands use the best type of production process
  • Premium cigarette brands typically have a long history of production

Tobacco is rated based on different characteristics. For premium cigarettes like Marlboro cigarettes only the Class “A” rated tobacco is used.  Other “off brands” often use tobacco that is not as highly rated which changes the taste of the cigarette. Class “A” tobacco is highly regulated so it is the “cream of the crop” so to speak.  The mark of a premium cigarette does not end in the tobacco field. The production method is also a determinant in what is considered premium.  Marlboro cigarettes like other premium brands have been around for a long time.

Premium is more expensive because it is a better quality cigarette. When you opt to save by buying brands that are not considered premium you will not have the same great smoking experience. The taste will be off and the enjoyment will be down.

Don’t Pay More for Premium

You may understand now why they are more expensive but that does not mean you should have to pay more because you understand why you are paying more. You just have to find a reliable source for you Marlboro cigarettes so you do not have to pay a fortune.  You can get deep discounts on premium brand cigarettes so you can stop settling for less than the best.

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