Non Cuban Cigars vs. Cuban Cigars

by | Mar 15, 2016 | Shopping

Most people think that Cuban cigars are the best cigars in the world but typically those people are not cigar smokers, for some cigar smokers non Cuban cigars are the best choice.  Figuring out what is best for you can be difficult unless you can try them out! Low cost cigars are a great way to figure out what you prefer.

Are There Differences?

Cuban cigars are usually the benchmark by what other cigars are judged but sometimes things are not what they seem. Other great cigars come from Nicaragua and other Latin American countries that others would say are far superior and very closely related to the taste of a Cuban cigar. As a matter of fact most non Cuban cigars that are made in Latin America are made by Cuban families that were exiled from Cuba and wound up in different countries. Some people believe that the major difference between Cuban and other than Cuban cigars is:

  • The recipe blend
  • The association

Some experts will say that the recipe blend is what gives Cuban cigars the advantage but the recipe blend can be mimicked. Other experts that are not particularly impressed by Cuban cigars will tell you that just the mere association with Cuba is what makes one cigar preferred over another.  There are some people that feel it is the soil in Cuba that is used to grow the tobacco that affects the quality of the cigar.

Non Cuban cigars are often blended from original Cuban recipes that have been handed down through the generations and there is comparable soil around the globe so it makes sense that they would be just as good as their Cuban cousins.  These two types of cigars are far more alike than they are different.  In some cases, the non-Cuban options are better; they are less expensive and have unique blends that enhance the experience.

Understanding the Difference

There are do things that are for sure when it comes to understanding the difference:
1. It really depends on who you ask
2. It depends on what you believe

Understanding the difference comes down to where you are getting your information from. If you are talking to someone that prefers the Cubans, then you will get a litany of reasons why they are superior.  If you believe that Cuban cigars are superior to non-Cuban cigars than you will search to find the difference. It really just comes down to personal preference because there is no tangible difference.

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