Disposing of commercial waste

by | May 30, 2016 | Waste Management

With so much waste being generated by homes, but particularly by commercial enterprises, there is now strict legislation in place to ensure that it is disposed of in an environmentally friendly way. Many businesses now outsource their commercial waste removal to a company that specializes in knowing how best to dispose of waste, and which has the latest technology and transport available to carry this out with minimum disruption to the business.

Disposing of waste isn’t as simple as throwing it in a skip. The waste products need to be carefully sorted so that there is the chance for maximum recycling. Also, any hazardous materials need to be dealt with separately and in line with the laid down legal requirements. Materials that cannot be recycled will be taken to a landfill, again in line with regulations.

Using skip hire for your commercial waste in South Wales

Many companies arrange to hire huge skips so that the waste can be stored in these before being removed. The company that hires out these skips will be able to provide the different sizes available. Industrial sized skips can be enormous, but would need always to be accommodated off road, as no Council would allow them to be situated on public property. The skips would be removed as soon as they were full, and another would be put in its place. In certain situations, such as the demolition of a building, a company might ask for a ‘roll on, roll off’ service, where the skips are constantly filled and replaced. This means that there is no delay in activity. Visit here to get more information.

Conducting an audit

Some companies are producing more waste than they need to. There are certain businesses that will be able to conduct free waste audits for you. They’ll look at your current stream of waste and recommend how you can reduce the amount of material being sent to a landfill. Given the cost of removing waste, this would be something valuable to consider.

How much waste removal do you need? Caeprhilly Skips have a variety of skip sizes available so that we can find the ideal skip for your needs. Visit them online for more details.

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