Drain Surveys Help Homeowners See the Hidden World below Ground

Posted By admin on Jan 27, 2017 |

Drain Surveys Help Homeowners See the Hidden World below Ground

Even though drainage systems are underground and hidden they should not be ignored. One of the simplest drainage difficulties that can impact any type of home is a leaking drain. Over time sewage systems and drains can degrade leading to structural problems through wall failures or entry from builders’ shovels or plant roots. With the passage of time this can lead to a greater problem which will show itself on the surface with flooding. Drain surveys help homeowners see the hidden world below the ground. Drain surveys in Poole are offered by drainage experts that have the experience and the proper equipment to check drains.

The Benefits of CCTV Surveys

A CCTV survey will be executed with little disturbance and fuss but they rapidly establish the evidence. A CCTV survey requires guiding a camera into the sewer and a drainage expert will make a video recording of what it sees. Drain surveys will not check that drainage is leaky or watertight; however it will establish and locate regions of blockage or damage. Evaluating a CCTV drain survey a drainage engineer will be able to locate the problem area without the need for costly exploratory holes in the ground. At this point a repair can be set up and while a hole may be necessary to dig it will be at the precise site of the problem therefore minimizing the disturbance and cost. Drainage expert also will offer you a DVD recording of your drain runs, this is part of their service. This allows you to be able to see the results of their work and have the confidence of a job well done.

Don’t Hesitate to Contact a Professional Drainage Engineer

It is very important to not hesitate to contact a professional drainage engineer when you have blocked drains. This type of problem can cause havoc in your home quickly. By having a drainage expert visit your home to examine your drains by performing a drain survey they can resolve the issue efficiently and fast, which will have your drains running smoothly again. At Canford Drains, drainage experts are available 24/7 and 265 days a year.