Enhancing the Home with Conservatories in Gravesend – Modern or Traditional?

by | Jul 16, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

Adding more space to the home doesn’t have to require planning permission and lots of building time, because conservatories in Gravesend can be constructed in no time at all! A great investment, a conservatory can be designed to suit any home, what with so many available styles to choose from. Whether you want to add an elegant touch, make a statement or make exterior details stand out on your period-style property, you can do it with a glasshouse. To get the ball rolling so that you can get in touch with builders for conservatory construction, take a moment to look at the differences between modern and traditional.

Modern Features

A conservatory can be used to accommodate a new living area or kitchen inside the home, but it can also be used to provide homeowners with more living space. You can expect to pay slightly more for a modern conservatory, because it will be designed with high-quality glass and materials. However, the investment will be worth it because modern conservatories in Gravesend will increase a property’s resale value significantly. Some common modern features include simple frames, clean lines, artificial lighting and pitched or flat roofs.

Traditional Features

Many period property owners will enhance the appearance of their home by getting modern conservatories in Gravesend constructed alongside. However, if you would prefer to make the traditional style flow, ask builders to design and construct a conservatory with tall glass walls and glazed panels. A typical traditional conservatory will have a three-sided design and will be built with slender timber columns for extra support and style. There are some environmental issues to consider with a traditional property extension of this kind, such as what materials you will choose. An earth-friendly option is timber, because it is available in abundance.

Hiring Help

When you have had a good think about which conservatories in Gravesend appeal to you the most, you can hire help from a builder. Use the Internet and phone book to track down companies in your area, before gathering quotes and reading the reviews from customers. A trusted builder will have a good track record and will be licensed to do the job. Not only this, but the builder will be in good health, be able to deliver and distribute supplies, and will have completed a course in college or university.

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