Finishing Your Concrete Flooring

by | Jul 13, 2015 | Contractors

Putting in new flooring is a long involved process, but what happens when you’re finished pouring your concrete? The answer is simple, you get floor screed from Bradford. This useful pile of sand is used to help give your new flooring a nice textured or smooth look that will allow you paint it directly, or customize in some other fashion that you fancy. This is an excellent method of protecting all of your hard work and time invested into adding this new addition to your home or business. The benefits don’t stop at the household, this process can be used anywhere concrete is going to be used. If you’re looking for a top rated technique to produce a nice smooth surface, then look no further than screeding.

Finding a Merchant to Purchase From

You may not know where to necessarily find the screed you need. Finding a retailer or a wholesaler is probably one of your best options, and these can usually found wherever you purchase your concrete from. If you don’t have someone you regularly use, then you can always ask around from those who work with screed on a regular basis. Once you do find someone, you should inquire about any services that they may provide. For example, can they mix the product for you on site, can they assist you in making sure you get the correct amount of materials for your job and probably most importantly is do they deliver. Visit website for more details.

Make Sure You Seal It Up

It’s going to be very important that you seal up your concrete flooring because once it has been screed it will be susceptible to water damage, cracking or in some cases expanding. By sealing your floor you will ensure that it will remain strong, durable and secure. You will also have a much easier time adding any staining or paints that you want. This step is non-negotiable and needs to be done. Do not forget to do this or you may have wasted all of your hard work and efforts up to this point.

Finishing the job is a great feeling, and making it look great should be one of your goals. This can be accomplished by using these techniques and a little colour. Screeding your floor will give you a great foundation to work with. Keep your lines straight, seal up your floor and you’ll have a new surface that can stand the test of time.

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