What Happens During a Drain Clearance in Bristol?

Posted By admin on Mar 31, 2015 |

What Happens During a Drain Clearance in Bristol?

Have you noticed the water levels rising in your sink or toilet? If so, chances are a blockage in the pipes could be obstructing the water flow. This can happen as a result of foreign objects getting trapped in the pipes but more commonly, the cause will be a build-up of hair, grease and food. Instead of buying chemical-filled cleaning products to cut through the blockage, hire a professional to assist with drain clearance in Bristol. High pressure jet washing can be completed by an experienced engineer and during the process, the following things will happen.

CCTV Drain Surveillance

Before the drain clearance specialist can locate the cause of the blockage and use a high-pressure jet washer to eliminate the obstruction, a camera will first be navigated into the pipes. CCTV drain surveillance is fast becoming the method of choice for inspecting pipes, because it is not as intrusive as other methods and it enables engineers to accurately assess the condition of drains. Once surveillance has been completed, you will be provided with a DVD. This DVD will show the camera’s journey through the drains. A detailed report will state exactly what the engineer will do during drain clearance in Bristol, and you can then decide whether or not you want to give them the green light to go ahead. Browse website for more information.

Ongoing Maintenance

The person or person’s performing drain clearance in Bristol will likely give you some maintenance advice, so that the chances of problems recurring is minimal. Baking soda and water or vinegar and water are two powerful cleaning combinations that work well for getting rid of common drain blockage culprits, like hair, oil and grease. Bear in mind that more than half of blockages that occur inside the plumbing system’s main line will be as a result of root penetration, which is why you shouldn’t skip those gardening duties!

High Pressure Jet Washing

When CCTV drain surveillance has been completed and the obstruction has been found, high-pressure jet washing can commence. At this stage of drain clearance in Bristol, a cold water pressure washer will be inserted into the pipes. The hose will be able to bend around corners, so that no area is left untreated. Aside from drain cleaning, high-pressure jet washing can be relied on for graffiti and root removal.

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