Factors that determine the Cost of Garage Door Repairs

by | Mar 1, 2017 | Garage Doors

Garage doors offer security in a home so when they are broken, your security is at risk. Contact a professional garage door repair expert to fix your door as soon as possible. The cost charged depends on the following factors;

1. Design of the garage door – The style and design determine the level of simplicity of the garage door mechanism. Doors with simple mechanisms are easy to troubleshoot but doors with the old styles take time to repair especially if they need spare parts.

2. Door finishes – Do you want your garage door to match the colour scheme of the house after repairs? If that is what you want, you must remember that the expert will charge higher because of the extra painting work.

3. Level of damage – The magnitude of the problem determines the time taken to repair the garage door and the level of expertise needed. You cannot compare fixing a worn out part with rectifying an opener or sensor problem.

4. Material used – Garage doors are made of various materials and each material requires special care when repairing them. Experts in garage door repairs in Newport handle wooden doors differently from steel doors and they charge more for wooden garage doors repairs compared to steel doors. The more expensive the material is, the higher the cost of repair for the particular material’s garage door.

5. Company’s service charge – Companies charge differently for their services; some have a fixed price while others have additional charges depending on the services offered. When you contact an expert in garage door repairs from Newport, tell them whether the repairs need to be attended to as an emergency or not. Experts charge additional costs for emergency services or when you call them during overtime.

We are transparent in the way we charge our clients and our prices are affordable. Please contact us at Access Garage Doors for more information.

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