Importance of Roof Flashings to Stop Leaks

by | Feb 28, 2017 | Metal Fabrication

The primary types of roof flashings are apron or cover flashing, step flashing and chimney flashing. Because of their versatility, apron or cover flashing are the most common type of roof flashing in the United Kingdom.

Different Kinds of Roof Flashings

Whether the roof is flat or sloping, flashing serves several purposes. Most types of roof flashings are made out of non-corroding and non-staining material. Even though the material of construction for making roof flashings varies widely from rubber to roofing felt to metals like aluminum, copper, tin or zinc alloy, generally metallic roof flashings are preferred for durability.

Metal Flashing Preferred to Other Types

When properly installed, flashing protects the interior of a structure from water and wind. They function better than sealants, because sealants usually require periodic replacement due to wear and tear.

Properly fabricated flashings are required around chimneys, exhaust fans, skylights and PVC downpipes. Here is where SAMS Fabrications Ltd. excels in fabricating flashings with the use of their punch tooling, welding processes and sheet metal bending techniques. They can custom make flashing to customers’ specifications, either in small quantities or in bulk, to cater to individual requirements.

We Cater to Big Name Companies

SAMS Fabrications has created a reputation for itself in the manufacture of roof flashings, so much so that it counts Norwich International Airport and De Vere Hotels, Resorts and Venues, among its customers. Whether custom made or general fabrication, the company can meet any requirements for flashings. By setting up new and improved production lines, machinery and equipment, SAMS Fabrications is on the way to improving even further on its past production of flashings. Whether standard or custom flashings made by the company, all area pre-painted. Pre-painted flashings are attractive in appearance as the painting is uniform, thanks to the coating plant set up by the company.

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