Find the Right Business to Inspect Your Property for Timber and Damp Problems

Posted By admin on Jun 27, 2016 |

Find the Right Business to Inspect Your Property for Timber and Damp Problems

One of a property owner’s worse nightmare can be finding out they have a dampness or decay issue in their building. Insects, fungi, and water can cause serious damage to a residential or commercial property if left unattended. The construction material to build the structure with can begin to decay and crumble that can result in costly repairs to fix. This does not include health problems the owners can suffer from if mould begins to grow inside of the building. Along with taking away from the aesthetic appeal of the home or business with discolouring to the walls. You can help reduce the chance of these problems from occurring by contacting companies who offer timber and damp proof surveys in Exeter.

Questions to Ask When Searching for a Reputable Company

* How long have they been working in the trade and do they have a good reputation within your community?

* Do they provide a consultation and survey of the property to provide a diagnosis of any issues found?

* Will they provide you with a written report of their findings and what your options are in solving any problems?

* Ask them the process they use in removing the affected area and how they can help protect your home from it occurring again.

* Do they offer a guarantee on the work that they provide?

A Well-Established Contractor can provide the Knowledge and Experience You Need

If your home or business is suffering from dampness or other decaying issues, you do not want to leave the job up to just anyone to fix. You want to hire an established company that has a solid reputation in the community with providing exceptional and affordable services to their clients. Since 1945, Pest Eradication (West) has been helping detect and repair damaged caused by dampness and wormwoods to their clients. Their friendly and knowledgeable staff will provide you with a survey to determine if and how severe of a problem your property may have.