Flying Experience in Exeter is Your Final Step to Licensing

by | Nov 16, 2017 | Flight School

Getting your pilots license requires several steps, your final step is having the flying experience in Exeter that is necessary to get your license. Flying experience is the best part of training for your pilot’s license. A lot of people find that getting the flying experience in Exeter can be difficult when they are trying to fit it into their already busy schedules. What you need is a school that offers flexible flying opportunities and that has ample enough planes to have availability when you are available.

Choose a Flying School

You must choose the flying school that offers flexible schedules so that you have a better opportunity to fit the options into your schedule. This can be hard to find with a private instructor. A lot of people make the error of thinking that if they try to get flying experience with a private tutor but the reality usually turns out differently. When you choose a private arrangement with a one on one tutor instead of a school you are:

* Limiting your options

* Dealing with less opportunities for flight time

* Vying for attention with other students

A private tutor really limits your options. When you choose a school, you are choosing the option that will give you more options to get flight experience. You will have more opportunities for flight time and you will not have only 1 instructor to deal with. You will have more options for planes and more availability.

It is a Better Choice

If you need your flying experience, you need to choose a school instead of choosing a private tutor. A good school is the Devon & Somerset Flight Training facility. You can get the flight experience that you need and the flexibility that you deserve!

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