How to Avoid Blockages with Liquid Screed in Newport

by | Sep 10, 2015 | Concrete

Over the last few years, liquid screed in Newport has become the material of choice for flooring and other building projects. It is a self-smoothing option and so therefore does not require a great deal of labour. Despite its uses, liquid screed can become blocked in a concrete pump or boom pump, unless you take the appropriate steps that is. To prevent blockages from occurring when the pump is being operated, discover some of the causes and some blockage prevention tips.

Choose the Right Mix

First things first, decide on what mix you will use. Liquid screed in Newport is preferred over sand cement screed and some other concrete mixes, because it is fast-drying and does not weigh much. Whatever mix you end up using, make sure the boom pump you buy or hire is able to handle the particular mix. If the mix does not retain water, the concrete might become stiff, making pumping difficult. If you are clueless about mixes, the boom pump operator you hire equipment from should be able to help. You can visit here to learn more.

Hire from a Credible Company

The company you choose to work with for liquid screed in Newport should be recognised in the industry. Every member of staff should operate with a license and hold valid insurance, so that if a blockage or similar problem arises, insurance will cover them. Line blockage can be hard to spot, but if you hire help from a company that can prove how often the machines are maintained, you can avoid collaborating with a crook. A rising in the pump’s line resistance will indicate that the person operating the pump needs to examine it thoroughly.

Don’t Use Compressed Air

A mistake that a lot of builder’s will make when using a boom pump to place liquid screed in Newport is using compressed air. Most people think that by applying greater boom pump pressure, the liquid screed will be able to move freely. However, the truth is that when it is faced with a lot of pressure, air bubbles may begin to form in the system. Unless the blockage is dealt with in a timely manner, the pockets of air might cause the liquid screed to dry before it is even pumped, so avoid using compressed air at all costs if you want to steer clear of delays.

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