What is a boom pump used for?

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What is a boom pump used for?

Concrete is an indispensable material in the construction industry but it is not always easy to place it where it is needed. A concrete boom pump in Cardiff is extremely valuable in situations like this; the machine can move great volumes of concrete to where it is needed in a short period of time. Concrete trucks deliver their load from the batching plant to the site; they then unload directly into the pumping equipment. A hydraulic pump is used to move the concrete via distribution tubes to the area where it is needed. There are two different types of concrete pumps used in the industry; line pumps and boom pumps.

Between the two different types of concrete pumps the most common is a boom pump. This type is truck mounted and is fitted with an arm that is activated and controlled by remote control; it accurately ejects the concrete into forms or distributes it over the floor area. Due to the weight involved a typical boom pump in Cardiff will have multiple rear axles. The booms are sectional, they unfold in order to increase the delivery distance between the truck and the ejection site. Many boom pumps can reach over 60 metres.

Line concrete pumps on the other hand are normally a stand-alone piece of equipment that is delivered to the site on either a truck or a trailer. The same principle is employed to move the concrete; the difference is in the method of distribution. Whereas a boom truck is remotely controlled, the concrete that is delivered via a line pump is manually distributed through long hoses. The volume of concrete moved by a line pump is slightly lower and the delivery rate is a little slower.

Employing a concrete pump at a job site has a number of benefits. A concrete delivery truck has a chute to deliver the mix; the chute is limited in length which often makes pouring a slab difficult. A boom pump in Cardiff can extend the reach considerably; this enables the form to be filled from the centre which is desirable when pouring concrete. This can save a number of man hours which in turn can save labour costs. A concrete boom pump in Cardiff can also deliver and disperse concrete to high rise pour sites. You can click here to get more details.

Concrete must not be allowed to freeze; if it does it can lose its strength. A concrete pump will allow a slab to be poured very quickly, as a result it takes less time to properly cure.

If your building site has limited access then a concrete boom pump in Cardiff is the answer. South Wales Concrete Pumping can deliver concrete directly from the mixer truck to the pour site through 65 metres of pipe.