How to ensure that you have heat and hot water year-round

by | Oct 16, 2015 | Plumbing

There is almost never a time when you don’t need heating in your home. Year-round you need hot water in the bathrooms and kitchen, and heating rooms is essential in winter. When temperatures are really low and the heating fails, you need help in a hurry. You can help prevent an emergency if you maintain your heating system and boilers throughout the year.

Taking care of your water heater

Many water heaters are not well insulated, and this means that a lot more money is spent on energy to keep the water warm. Lack of good insulation also means that your water heater or boiler doesn’t work efficiently and this could shorten its lifespan, as the heating elements are being continually used. If you’re thinking of having your water heater serviced, it’s a good idea to do this just before winter starts, as most people use more hot water in the cold months. A plumber can very quickly ensure that nothing goes wrong during the winter months. It might also be necessary to increase the temperature on the thermostat when the cold weather arrives.

Choosing a plumbing and heating service in Waterlooville

The first decision you should make is to find a local business. Normal heating and plumbing installations can be scheduled at your convenience but, if there is an emergency, you will need professionals who can be with you in minutes. You should look for a workforce that is fully accredited and well trained. Customer references are always good to have. You can check with previous clients to see if an installation went well and if meticulous care was taken when putting in a heating system, and whether there were any problems afterwards. It’s also good to ascertain whether the company has a good response time, particularly if there’s a heating or plumbing disaster. A repeat customer base speaks volumes. Click here to know more.

Another important factor is to ensure that the business you choose has specialist knowledge of your chosen heating system. While most homes use gas, you may need to install solar heating or another type of system that is energy efficient. Some companies offer maintenance contracts that can work out to be a cheaper solution than paying call-out fees, particularly if your central heating or boiler is aging. If you are building or upgrading in Waterlooville, you will need to partner with a company that is accustomed to designing and installing effective heating systems and who will have local knowledge of how these systems need to be adapted to meet various building specifications. Once again, having a relationship with a business means the plumbers and engineers know the layout of your home, will respond timeously to any problems you have and will be there to ensure that you are not without heat or hot water for any length of time.

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