What you need to Know about Double Glazing in Glasgow

Posted By admin on Oct 7, 2015 |

What you need to Know about Double Glazing in Glasgow

Double-glazing windows have a lot of benefits: they not only look solid but also reduce your bills and are energy-efficient. In general, you just can’t go wrong with double-glazed windows! If you are like most people then you probably have a lot of questions about the windows. How do they work? How much can you save with them? How do you find a reliable installer if you are looking for double glazing in Glasgow?

Briefly about the double glazing

To put it simple, double-glazed windows consist of two sheets of glass with a gap between them that is filled with air or gas. These windows are great to have if you want to reduce the energy bill and save some money. Annual savings can range from £40 to £160, depending on the size of the house and whether you have A-rated or B-rated glass. In addition to saving money, there are many other benefits of installing these windows which include the following:

1. They suffer less from condensation.
2. They block the noise from the outside, making your home a quiet and peaceful place.
3. They keep warm air in the house.
4. They improve the level of security in your house: Double-glazed windows are more difficult to break than regular windows.

Before You Convert to Double Glazed

If you live in a listed building or a conservation area, you need to check with your local planning office. There may be tight rules on what you can change, so it is important to ask first before making a purchase. Moreover, in Glasgow, where each local authority usually has a building standards office, you need to check with them first to find out if you need a ‘building warrant’ to install your new windows. This will save you a lot of frustration in the long run.

It is also important to hire a professional to perform the installation. Read the reviews of each company you are interested in; visit website, and do not hesitate to call them if you have any questions.

Other Things to Check

1. Check the energy rating of the window before the installation. A scale from A to G will show you the energy efficiency of each product.
2. Have a look at the u-value: it shows how easily heat can pass through a particular material.
3. If your house does not have much ventilation, look for windows with vents in the frame to let in a controlled amount of ventilation.

Window Advice Centre is always there if you need help with double glazing in Glasgow! Visit them online to learn more.