How To Find A Skip Hire In North East

by | Jun 30, 2015 | Recycling

Waste disposal is essential for every household and commercial property and in some cases, regular trash pick-up just won’t do. Instead, you may need to hire a skip bin company that can allow you to segregate waste according to what it is. In many cases, the recycled matter should be placed in a separate container that will be picked up by a different company. These bins come in various shapes and sizes, which can help you clean up your property.

What Needs Trashed

Before you make a decision to hire someone, you need to know which items will be thrown away. It may help to make a list of everything that you’re going to get rid of so when you call the skip hire company, they can give you an estimated time and price. You can also find out how many bins you’ll need when you have a list of materials and if you aren’t sure, the company can help you decide how many will be necessary. Visit here to get more information.


In most cases, there are many options for the disposal of waste materials. In many instances, some materials will need to be disposed of separately, such as old mattresses. Therefore, it may take a little extra time and slightly more money, depending on what you need to throw away and it can be helpful to know ahead of time.

Items Thrown Away

Pay close attention to the items you want thrown away, as some will be considered hazardous or dangerous. Items like oil cans, certain fluids and paint can be removed from the property, but it may cost more and may involve mixing of the wastes.

Special Circumstances

It is important to understand that some wastes will require special procedures for removal. Asbestos is one prime example of specific rules and procedures that are used to remove these items. Whilst disposing of the items, the company will need to take precautions, as the skip bins are usually emptied from the top downward, meaning the waste from the bottom will be on top. This can cause some pollution and breathing problems, so it is important they know ahead of time.

Getting It In The Bin

It’s necessary to know how you’ll get it in the bin or how they recommend doing so because there are rules in place that tell you how and where to dispose of certain things. If you fail to adhere to the rules, you may be fined or taxed.

A skip hire in North East can help you get rid of the items that you no longer need. Whether you are remodelling or had an accident, you can find something that will work. JBT Waste Services provides a wide range of skip hire services in North East, UK.

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