What You Need To Know About A Skip Hire In Newcastle

Posted By admin on Jun 30, 2015 |

What You Need To Know About A Skip Hire In Newcastle

If you are looking to hire a skip company in Newcastle, you may be wondering about a few things. For example, knowing what can be put in them, what types are available and what will happen to the items can be significant. You may also have other questions that you want to consider before deciding to go ahead.

What Can Go

Skips are typically used to remove non-hazardous wastes, like household items, building debris and green waste. It is usually not acceptable to dispose of hazardous wastes because you must have the appropriate containers and permits, and it is illegal to mix non-hazardous and dangerous wastes. Other skips can hold scrap metal and are meant to be separate from other trash.


There are two primary types of skips available, including closed and open options. Whilst the open versions are more commonly found and used, they may not be appropriate for certain things. If you are a private person or have metals that can be taken and sold, you may choose a closed option, which may cost more but be more appropriate to your needs. Click here to get details information.

What Happens

Most people wonder about the waste that is picked up from a Newcastle skip, as there are specific guidelines and legislation that dictates how the trash should be treated once it is picked up. Therefore, ensure the company you hire will send the items to a treatment facility that is authorised to handle the things properly.

Where It Goes

You may be wondering where the skips will be placed on your property, but they can usually be placed anywhere. However, the driver must be able to get to the location quickly to drop off and collect it. Once the bin has been placed, you cannot move it, in case it makes it inaccessible to you or the driver.


The size you will require will be based on the amount and size of the waste. Typically, they are best used to remove heavy and dense waste, but can be utilised for anything legal. Usually, a four-yard bin will work best for garden, builders’, household and other domestic wastes while a 40-yard bin works best for large clearances of the home, a lot of garden and green wastes or anything that is big and bulky.

What Doesn’t Go

Typically, hazardous items, such as batteries, medical waste, solvents and paint cannot be removed using skips.

A skip hire in Newcastle ensures that you get to throw away everything required, except for a few hazardous items. Visit JBT Waste Services today to learn more.