How to Find the Right Employment Solicitor for Your Company

by | Jul 19, 2016 | Lawyers

There are various situations that a company can be involved with that would require them to seek out legal advice. From unlawful dismissal from a job to harassment within the workplace, they can be at the centre of a legal claim that can affect their reputation and finances. There are steps that can be taken to help prevent a legal claim being made against a company by instilling the regulations and policies that employees are to follow. However, these policies should fit in with the current employment laws passed by the government. Employment solicitors in Portsmouth can help a business keep up-to-date on the current laws that can affect their company.

Questions to Ask a Solicitor before Retaining Them

* How long have they been practising law and where did they receive their education from?

* What services do they offer? Some provide their clients with advice on the steps they should take with a legal claim. While others offer training for the company’s management team to help them understand the employment laws.

* How many companies similar to yours do they represent?

* What are the fees that they charge? Do they charge you monthly to retain them or do you only pay for the services you require?

* What is their strategy when it comes to working on a claim that is filed against your company?

Retain a Solicitor that Remains Up-To-Date on Current Information that is Available

When selecting an employment lawyer, you want to hire one that stays on top of the latest information and laws available. They will provide you with the services you require to keep your company current on the latest legal matters to help protect your business when dealing with a claim filed by an employee. Amanda Capon Solicitors is a reputable firm that strives to settle a claim before it goes before the Court. Their skills staff will provide you with the advice you require to determine which steps you should take.

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