Important things to know about garage door repair

by | Oct 27, 2015 | Garage Doors

Your garage door is by far the largest door and in many cases it is also the most used door of your home. The fact that it is heavy and is subjected to a high duty cycle makes it prone to damage and problems. It may be possible to trouble shoot and repair minor problems with the door and hardware but in the majority of cases garage doors repair in Exeter should be carried out by knowledgeable technicians.

* The safe and reliable operation of a garage door relies on the design, the weight and operating method of the door must be taken into account when selecting the components, including the opener motor. Putting more weight on the door or any of the components can cause the door to fail, never hang anything heavy on the door or the track the door runs in and make sure the track is kept clean otherwise the door will not open and shut properly.

* One of the most common reasons for garage doors repair in Exeter is a problem with the springs. The heavy weight of the door places substantial force on the springs, the cables and other components connected to the opening and closing process. Broken garage door springs are the most common problem, a broken spring can also be the cause of injury as the doors weight is not supported properly.

* If one or the other garage door springs fail, it is essential that both springs be replaced. Not only should the springs be replaced in pairs, they must be the correct type, size and length. A professional who does garage doors repair in Exeter knows exactly what springs are required and he knows the correct way to install them and adjust them.

* Trying to use a damaged garage door can be very dangerous; it can easily get out of control and injure a family member or damage the vehicle. At the first sign of the garage door not operating as expected you should call a skilled technician to diagnose the problem and fix it. You can visit here to get more details.

Garage doors are heavy; when a garage door malfunctions it can pose a risk to people and property. A garage door that is damaged is even more of a hazard. Garage doors repair in Exeter is not something that a homeowner should tackle; there are too many things that can go wrong. Always call for a professional service technician if your garage door fails.

As a result of the frequent use most garage doors get they can and do fail. If you need garage doors repair in Exeter you are invited to contact G & T Garage Doors & Gates.

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