How do overhead garage doors work?

by | Oct 27, 2015 | Garage Doors

The primary function of a garage is to house your vehicle. This may be the case but everyone knows that garages are used for all kinds of things including garden equipment, children’s toys and lots of junk; however, that is a very different story indeed.

The normal way to enter and exit the garage is through overhead garage doors in Taunton. There are three different types of overhead garage doors; up and over, sectional and roller. All three types have one thing in common and that is the track that they ride in. Tracks are installed either side of the door, in one way or another all three door types use them. There are rollers that engage with the track, the door opens and closes by rolling in the tracks.

The secret is the garage door spring:

Garage doors in Taunton are sturdy; they are usually manufactured from steel or wood. Due to the weight of both materials, double garage doors in particular can be quite heavy. It is the doors weight that makes lifting it extremely difficult to lift in a vertical direction, manufacturers employ springs to overcome this problem, depending on the door design the springs are either torsion or tension. Regardless of the design used, the objected it to overcome the weight. When overhead garage doors are closed, either tension or torque is introduced into the spring. When the door is opened, the stored energy in the springs aids considerably in lifting the weight. You can visit here to get more details.

Folding doors:

Solid garage doors in Taunton rehire space in front of the door to swing through their arc. As it is not possible to design a true vertical lift garage door, manufacturers turn to doors that operate with the confines of the garage. Sectional garage doors are comprised of a number of smaller panels, perhaps five or six, rather than a single solid panel. The sectional door rises vertically but when the first section reaches a predetermined limit it changes direction to horizontal. The remainder of the sections follow in a track which is suspended from the ceiling. This type of door opens closes but does not require any room in front.

Another often used style of overhead garage doors in Taunton is a rolling shutter arrangement. This style of door is comprised of many steel slats, they are assembled in such a way that they store in a coil around a large central spring. When the door is closed the spring develops torque which is released when the door is opened.

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