The benefits of double glazing

by | Oct 28, 2015 | Doors and Windows

Double glazing is a unique manufacturing process whereby a window is produced using two panes of glass separated by a void. The gap between the glass panes is normally 15 to 20 mm. The void is filled with air or an inert gas such as argon, before the unit is sealed a drying agent is introduced into the void to ensure that there will be no moisture between the panes of the finished unit.

A double glazed window must be perfectly air tight otherwise there is a distinct possibility of condensation forming between the two panes of glass, if condensation is noticed this indicates that the seal has failed and there is a leak. These assemblies cannot be repaired, they must be removed and replaced with a new assembly.

A great deal of the heat in a home is lost through single glazed windows, studies indicate this heat loss to be in the area of 60 percent of the total heat loss in the home. Double glazing in Esher substantially reduces heat loss, so much so that the initial cost of supply and installation can be amortised quite quickly just from the money saved in fuel consumption. Once a home has been fitted with double glazed windows the homeowner can expect a fuel cost reduction of 10 to 12 percent.

Double glazing also helps the environment in which we live. We all know of the environmental problems we all face but few people may realise that homes cause close to 30 percent of all carbon dioxide emissions. Replacing single pane windows with double glazed windows helps to control these emissions and fight energy loss. Of course saving on energy is a major benefit but double glazing also is very beneficial on helping to reduce the noise from the outside and reducing the amount of condensation.

There are a number of frame materials that are available including traditional hard wood as well as aluminium and uPVC, all of which enhance the looks of your property and add to its potential resale value. You can click here for more information on products and services.

Single glazed windows pose no real problem for an unwanted intruder, a few seconds with a glass cutter and the intruder has gained entrance to your home. Double glazing in Esher makes unwanted entry through a window much harder, hence these windows have the added benefit of increasing security. Double glazed windows are difficult to break.

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