Installing Stairlifts in a Variety of Areas

by | May 20, 2016 | Medical Equipments

Something we all share is the fact that we all age. As that happens, the ability to get around the house may be compromised. For example, joints and muscles in and around knees and hips may become damaged making it difficult to use stairs. Additionally, when coming down stairs, a lot of pressure is placed on one foot which has the potential to sprain or strain under the force. A fall down stairs is a very real risk for those with mobility issues, but installing stairlifts in Portsmouth homes is a great way to ensure the residents of that building are safe when climbing or descending stairs.

Short Steps or Long Staircases

Stairlifts are not just for long staircases that wind past spacious landings. In fact, they can be used on a small stoop with just 2 stairs! Simply take a seat in the secure and comfortable chair, rest your feet on the footrest and gently rise to your destination without ever putting added strain on your legs, hips or back. Long staircases are just as viable for a stairlift as well. In fact, more and more public estates and museums are installing stairlifts for their visitors to use. This allows fully mobile people to use the normal stairs while limited mobility individuals can sit and be smoothly carried to the top.

Indoors and Out

One of the unique benefits of a stairlift is that they can be installed indoors as well as outdoors. In fact, this can be a great way for you to access certain parts of the garden or backyard which are normally inaccessible due to mobility limitations. Stairlifts can be found in straight tracks and curved, depending on your needs. The seats are comfortable and secure with armrests and a foot rest to provide balance and safety for the duration of your trip up or down stairs.

Other Mobility Assistance

There are a wide range of options you may consider in addition to stairlifts in Portsmouth. This may include powerchairs, scooters, rise chairs, adjustable beds, bath lift aids, and much more. Selecting the right products for your needs is as simple as contacting the company you are considering purchasing from. They can give you a run-down of their available products and how each one is created to make your life much easier and safer. They can also address your concerns regarding installation and price coverage.

When considering the installation of stairlifts in Portsmouth, be sure to contact Bentley Mobility. They can offer a range of mobility assist products and provide complete installation.

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