Know the Signs of Dampness and When to Call in an Expert

by | May 5, 2017 | Water Proofing

Dampness is when moisture enters building through the roof, walls, or floors of the structure. It can be caused by a lack of insulation or poor ventilation in the building that does not allow the moisture to disperse. It can often occur in buildings that were poorly designed and built with low-quality materials. There are signs that a person can look for to help determine if they have a problem with dampness. However, it is significant to call in a professional to inspect the structure and provide damp proofing in Eastbourne.

Common Indications of Dampness

* The paint on the walls of the building will begin to blister and start to peel.

* Metal material in the buildings such as piping will begin to corrode.

* Plaster will show water stains and begin to peel from the moisture build-up.

* Fungal disease and dry rot can be found on timber that was used to construct the building.

* Infestation of pest that loves to live in moist areas.

* The presences of mildew or mould on walls or flooring can be caused by dampness.

* Hygroscopic salt deposits can be found forming on the building.

An Expert Can Stop Dampness Problems

CavityTech Systems Ltd offers damp proofing in Eastbourne to help prevent a problem with dampness. They provide high-quality workmanship to prevent moisture from penetrating a newly constructed building. Their skilled experts have the knowledge and experience required to work on older structures to eradicate their issue with dampness. They have a reputation for being able to find an affordable and reliable solution for their clients to help prevent further damage to their property. If you suspect that your property has a problem with dampness, you should immediately call a professional to have the structure examined.

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