Why You Should Not Dismiss Signs of Wall Ties Failing to Work

Posted By admin on May 29, 2017 |

Why You Should Not Dismiss Signs of Wall Ties Failing to Work

A building that has been constructed with a cavity wall use ties to anchor external and internal walls together. They lock into the mortar that is placed between the bricks to stable the wall and keep it standing up straight. They are virtually unnoticeable and can be difficult to detect a problem with them until an issue has occurred. Once wall ties in Eastbourne begin to stop working, it is vital to call a professional to have them repaired. If left unattended, the exterior wall will begin to crack and pull away from the structure. This will jeopardize the stability of the building and risk damaging the structure or causing injuries if a person is hit by the loose bricks.

How to Spot a Problem with the Ties

* Cracks can be found around areas such as the corner of windows, doorframes, and chimneys.

* A white powdery element will begin to cover bricks where the wall ties in Eastbourne have stopped working.

* The mortar joints will start to weaken or be missing from the wall.

* Exterior wall will begin to bow away from the building as the bricks begin to absorb moisture.

* Corrosion can be found around visible wall ties from being exposed to moisture.

Prevent Major Renovation by Addressing the Problem Now

If damaged wall ties are left unattended, you risk the chance of further damage to the building. By tackling the issue when it begins, you decrease the risk of having to demolish the building or providing expensive renovations for repairing the problem. CavityTech Systems Ltd is a reliable company that has been offering their services for over 25 years. They have built a reputation for finding the right solution for their clients’ problem and providing them with quality workmanship they can depend on.